(High-Speed) Test Files: 1GB,2GB,5GB,10GB,20GB, and More
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Want to test your bandwidth speed or capacity? Then these test files help you to do this. Download tech accents’ test files on your system and check your internet, bandwidth, or system capacity.

TEst files

Hi Guys my name is Thomas and today in this blog post ill give you testing files to download in many different sizes so are you ready?

So let’s see…

What are Testing Files?

Downloading testing files is a process of evaluating the download speed and quality of bandwidth.

Many people want to download testing files because they want to consume their bandwidth, or test their bandwidth limit or capacity.

This is done by downloading a file from the website, which can be an image, text file, or video. The download speed and quality are then compared to the benchmark values set by the service provider for that type of file.

Mainly these testing files come with a .bin extension and some of these files may be in .mp4 .apk or .exe format.

Download Test Files

Here Below you can see different types of testing files list. You can choose any file to download on your system.

Make sure to know that these files don’t come with any type of data because as they named test files mean these files are only used for testing purposes.

Test FilesDownload SizeDownload File
Download Test File1GBDownload
Download Test File2GBDownload
Download Test File5GBDownload
Download Test File10GBDownload
Download Test File20GBDownload

How to use these Test Files

You can see a table where are you mention different types of test files.  these test files come in different sizes like 1GB 2GB 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB and more.

Now you have to choose a file size that you want to download and the test file will be downloaded on your system.


So guys now you know how you can download test files on your system and test your bandwidth or system capacity.

These test files are hosted on a high-speed server so you will get maximum download speed on your system.

You can use these files to test your system capacity bandwidth capacity and bandwidth limit. also, many people use these files to consume their full bandwidth in a very short time.

Bookmark this page to download Test files in the future. if you like this article then do share it on social media and thanks for choosing TeCH Accents.

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