Jio TV for PC/Laptop – 6 Easy Methods To Watch Jio TV on PC

Friends are you looking for the best methods to watch jio tv on PC, then you are in the right place. In this post, I give you 6 best ways to watch jio tv on PC/Laptop. So let’s Know more details about Jio TV For PC & How to Watch Jio Tv PC.


Jio TV is one of the best Online Live TV & Video Streaming services in India. In Jio TV you Can Watch Live TV, Movies, Cricket, News, & Entertemnet Related Content. Jio TV Provide you 7 Days CatchUp TV Support For Watching. With the Jio TV Catchup service, you can enjoy your favourite Live TV Shows even After the Live Time (only 7 Days).

Friends these are the features of JioTV & now let me tell you the 6 methods to enjoy Jio TV on PC/Laptop. If you are searching on the internet how to watch jio tv on pc, then you see many of result about jio tv for pc.

But many results, methods & ways are fake that telling you on the internet about Jio TV for Laptop. Yeah, I accept some methods are working, but people did not give you full information about it. This post gives you easy & best ways to watch Jio TV on PC.

6 Methods to Watch Jio TV For PC

Friends here you can see the list of 6 easy & best methods for enjoying Jio TV on PC/laptop.

Jio TV for PC – Watching Methods List

  • Jio Media Cable – For watch Jio TV on PC
  • Bluestacks – To Watch Jio TV in Laptop
  • Nox – To Watch Jio Tv in Windows
  • Chrome OS – To Watch Jio TV For PC (best way)
  • Screencast – Easy Way to Watch Jio TV on PC
  • JioTV Website – Best & easy Way for watching Jio TV for PC

Now let me tell you how to use these 6 methods on your pc to enjoy Jio TV for PC. So let’s start it.

Jio Media Cable For Watch Jio TV on PC & TV

Jio Media Cable is one of the best & easy Ways to Watch Jio TV on PC & your LED/LCD TV. With the help of jio media cable, you can enjoy your jio tv on a big screen like PC, Laptop, Desktop & TV. But this method is to work with only Jio Phone. This method never cooperates with the Android & IOS.

What is Jio Media Cable

Before Somebuddy asking, what is the Jio Media Cable? I told you some information About Jio Media Cable.


Jio Media Cable is A Special Cable to Watch Jio TV on PC & TV. With the help of Jio Media Cable, you can connect your Jio phone to PC / Laptop / LCD / LED TV. Jio Media Cable will be available in 2 variants. The first is M533 and the second is M532. This cable is available in 2 options, with one HDMI cable connecting LCD / LED TV and the other cable connecting RCA cable to connect CRT TV to AV input.

Jio TV For PC with Jio Media Cable

Friends, jio media cable is specially designed for TV. But how we can use it on our pc? So let me tell you. Jio Media Cable Also Support HDMI Port Output & Most of the PC & Laptop Supporting HDMI Port Input.

So you Can Connect your Jio Phone with your pc through Jio Media Cable & Watch Jio TV For PC. Follow Given Blow Guide to Connect Jio Media Cable to PC/Laptop & Enjoy Jio TV on PC.

Note – This Method is Working on All PC/Laptop that supports HDMI Input. We Test This Trick on Windows 7 & Jio Media Cable work. I Play Jio TV for PC with the Help of Jio Media Cable.

How to connect Jio Media Cable To PC/Laptop/TV

  1. Connect Jio Media Cable in Jio Phone Charging Port
  2. Now Jio Media Cable HDMI Output Connect in TV/PC/Laptop’s HDMI Input Port.
  3. Now Go To Setting (PC/TV/Laptop) & select HDMI Input.
  4. Now you Can See Your Jio Phone Screen Show in Your PC/Laptop/TV.
  5. Now you Can Open Jio TV in Jio Phone and Open Content in Jio TV that you can watch on Your PC/Laptop/TV.
  6. Now you see the selected content Like – TV Shows, Movie, Live TV is Playing on your PC & TV’s BIG Screen.
  7. Now all is Done & you Can Enjoy Jio TV for PC.

Bluestacks Android Emulator To Watch Jio TV On PC

Friends, Now I tell you 2nd best way to watch jio tv on your pc & laptop. The 2nd method for watching jio tv in pc is Bluestacks Android Emulator. With the Help of Bluestacks Android Emulator, you can easily play Jio TV on Laptop & PC.

What is Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is a free & best android emulator for windows. With the help of bluestacks, you can run android app on PC and Windows. in the same way Bluestacks Android Emulate help you to run Jio TV Android Application on your PC and Laptop. So let me tell you more detail about how you can watch jio tv for pc with Bluestacks.


Note – This Method working on all windows PC & Laptop that supporting Window 7,8,8.1,10. With the help of this method, you can use Jio TV on Windows 7/8/8.1/10. This method 100% work on Windows 8 & 10. Because we tested this method & playing Jio TV on Windows 8/10.

Jio TV For PC with Bluestacks

Friends follow given below Guide to watch jio tv on your pc & laptop with Bluestacks.

  1. Go to the Bluestacks Official Website
  2. Now download Bluestacks for Windows/PC.
  3. Now install Bluestacks on your pc
  4. after installing you can open it
  5. now bluestacks provide you android machine (android operating system in software)
  6. Now you can log in in your Google Account & go on Play Store.
  7. Now Download & Install Jio TV
  8. Now Open Jio TV & Register it.
  9. After Registration, you compile jio tv requirement.
  10. Now open Your Any TV Show, Live TV in Jio TV on Your PC/Laptop.

Watch Jio TV for PC with NoxPlayer

Friends, 3rd way for play jio tv on pc is NoxPlayer. NoxPlayer is an Android Emulator that help you to run an android app on pc/laptop. Now I tell you how you can use NoxPlayer for Watching Jio TV on PC/Laptop.

Note – This Program is Work on all windows. Like – Win – 7/8/10. I test this method on windows 10. with the help of this method I Play Jio TV on Windows 10 & Jio TV is 100% working.

How to Watch Jio Tv on PC with NoxPlayer

For Watching Jio Tv on PC with the help, you NoxPlayer you can follow given below Guide. This Guide helps you to easily play Jio TV in your Pc by NoxPlayer android emulator.

  1. Go to the official website of Nox.
  2. Now download NoxPlayer Android Emulator.
  3. Now install NoxPlayer Emulator in your pc
  4. Now open NoxPlayer
  5. Now Loggin your google account.
  6. Now go to play store.
  7. Now download Jio Tv
  8. Now Open Jio TV
  9. Register in Jio TV with Jio Mobile Numer & login
  10. Now Jio TV Working On Your PC/Laptop
  11. Now Enjoy Jio TV For PC & Watch Your Favourite Shows on PC with Jio TV

Chrome OS to Watch Jio TV on PC/Chromebook

Friends another way to watch jio tv on PC is Chrome OS. Chrome OS is a Linux karnal based operating system & develop by Google. Chrome OS help you to watch jio tv on a laptop. Because Chrome OS is Support android application. You can use jio tv android app on Chrome OS.


Jio TV For PC with Chrome OS

If you are interested in watching Jio TV on Laptop with the help of Chrome OS, then follow given below Guide. this Guide Help you to Watch Jio TV on Laptop With Chrome OS.

  1. You must have a Chromebook
  2. Now Open Play Store on your Chromebook
  3. Now log in your Google ID.
  4. Now Search Jio TV on Play Store Of Chromebook
  5. Now install Jio TV on Your Chromebook & Open.
  6. Now Register & login
  7. After Logging, you see your jio tv is working & playing.
  8. Now you can enjoy your favourite TV, Shows & Movie On Laptop with Jio Tv.

Watch Jio TV on PC By ScreenCast

Friends screencast is the best and secure method to watch jio tv on pc. If you have an android phone, then you can easily watch jio TV on PC by screencast. Now let me tell you quickly & detail process to enjoy jio tv in pc.


Note – This Method is Working All windows Operating System that supports screencast receiving. Jio TV on Windows 10 – This Method is working correctly in windows 10. Because I Play Jio TV on Windows 10 by Using This Method. Note – Some Time Root Permission Needed to Watch Jio TV on PC by screencast.

How to Watch Jio TV For PC with ScreenCast

Jio TV For PC – if you are excited to watch jio tv on PC/Laptop With the help of screencast then follow my given Guide guide. This pattern helps you to watch Jio TV For PC on Laptop.

  1. Go to your android device.
  2. Now download JioTV on your android device.
  3. Now Go To Screencast Default feature.
  4. Now Open “Connect” default software in windows & connect your android device screen to your PC.
  5. You can also use 3rd party software for doing this work.
  6. Now open Jio TV on Your Android Device.
  7. Now register & login.
  8. Now Play Jio TV on Android & you can see your Jio TV is Casting on Your PC by SCREENCAST.
  9. Now you can enjoy your Jio TV on PC. (Jio TV For PC)

Jio TV For PC Online Website

Friends another method of this post for watching jio tv for PC is Online JioTV Website. JioTV Website is one of the best & essayist Method to watch Jio TV on PC. Jio tv Website Help you to Watch Online Jio TV in Your Laptop.


Note – JioTV official Website Currently Down & off. This Method Not Working Currnty But May Be Work in Future & You Can Watch Jio TV online in PC. If Jio TV Website Working in Future, then this method is the best method to Watch Jio Tv on Laptop/Desktop/PC.

How to Watch Jio TV on PC By Jio TV Website

Friends if you are interested in watching Jio Tv On PC with the Help of JioTV Website then read given below Guide. If you follow given below Guide Then definitely you can watch jio tv online in your pc.

  1. Go to Official Website of Jio TV
  2. Now Register & Login with Jio Mobile Number
  3. Now Enter OTP (if Needed)
  4. Now Refresh the WebPage
  5. Now you Can Play Movie, Show, Cricket & Live TV Online with JioTV Online website.
  6. All is Done & you Can Enjoy Your Jio TV.

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Friends This is the 6 most comfortable way to watch Jio TV On Your PC & Download Jio TV For PC. I Hope You Like This Article. If you like this article, then do share it on social media. Come Back on Our Blog to Read More knowledgeable article like this & related to technology.

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