Today in this post I tell you 3 best ways to download Hotstar on PC/Laptop. if you interested to download Hotstar on your PC then read this post till the end. Because I provide you step by step guide to Download Hotstar For PC. So let's Know more about Hotstar Download for PC.

Hotstar Download for PC
Hotstar Download for PC

Hotstar is a premium online video streaming service. Hotstar provides you many entertainment contents like - LIVE TV, TV Shows, Movies & Live Cricket Matches.

The best thing about Hotstar is this, Hotstar also provides you live cricket updates & Live Cricket matches streaming. If I talk about India then Hotstar is one of the best place to watch Live Cricket Match.

In India, many People use Hotstar to watch Live Cricket match on Smartphone & in the IPL Session Hotstar is the best app to watch "IPL Live Streaming".

Apart from Hotstar's Best things, hotstar also has some bad things too - The first bad thing is this Hotstar not available for PC & second bad thing is this Hotstar is a paid video streaming service. Hotstar is not Available in Free.

But friends don't worry, in the post, I give you these 2 problems solutions. I tell you how to watch hotstar on pc & how to watch hotstar on pc Free. So let's Start the main article.

Hotstar Download for PC

if you search on the web, Hotstar Download for PC, then you see many results for it, but most of those results are fake which do not work.

Friends, if you want to watch Hotstar on PC, then you can adopt the 3 methods given below. By adopting these 3 methods, you can easily download Hotstar on your PC.

  • BluStacks
  • Hotstar Online Website For PC
  • Screen Casting

Friends, here you will be able to see the names of 3 methods, with the help of which you will be able to watch Hotstar on PC. Now I show you the process of watching Hotstar on PC in these 3 ways.

BlueStacks to Watch Hotstar on PC

BlueStacks is our 1st method to run hotstar on pc & BluStacks help you to watch hotstar on pc. Bluestacks is an android emulator and he runs any android app on pc. Bluestacks run .apk file on pc quite easily.
Hotstar Download for PC
Hotstar Download for PC

In the same way, you can run hotstar .apk file in your pc with the help of blueStacks android emulator.

Now let me tell you how to Download and run Hotstar on PC with Bluestaicks Android Emulator. So let's start to download Hotstar For PC.

Download Hotstar on PC by BlueStacks

Friends follow given below guide to download hotstar on pc by bluestacks. this guide helps you to watch hotstar on your laptop.

  1. Go to the BlueStacks Website
  2. Now download BlueStacks for your pc
  3. Now install BlueStacks on your laptop
  4. Now open BlueStacks and complete setup of BlueStacks
  5. Now download Hotstar Android app on your pc
  6. Now install hotstar android app on bluestacks
  7. after installed hotstar, in Bluestacks you can open Hotstar
  8. Now Register & login in Hotstar
  9. Now All is Done
  10. Now you are able to watch hotstar on pc

So friends this the first method to download hotstar for pc. now I tell you a second method to watch hotstar on pc/laptop.

Hotstar Online Website For PC

Hotstar online website is a second-best way to play hotstar on pc. you can also play hotstar in laptop & access all the content of hotstar through hotstar online website.
Hotstar Download for PC
Hotstar Website

Hotstar online website is an online video streaming website & provided by hotstar. this website give you access of all the content that provided by hotstar. Like - Live Cricket, Live TV, Movies & more.

Now let me tell you in details how you can watch hotstar on pc through hotstar online website.

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Hotstar on PC by Hotstar Online Website

follow given guide to watch hotstar on your pc by hotstar online website.

  1. Go to the Hotstar official website
  2. Now Register or login
  3. Now you can able to watch hotstar online on pc/laptop/windows/MacBook
  4. allis done now enjoy!

Screen Casting to watch Hotstar on PC

friends, now I tell you the last method of this post to watch Hotstar on pc. after telling this method I tell you how you can watch hotstar on pc free.

our last trick to play hotstar on pc is ScreenCast. ScrrenCast helps you to watch Hotstar on your pc through screencasting. friends you can also watch hotstar on pc through screencasting.

in this method, you can cast your mobile screen on pc & watch hotstar in pc. now let me tell you this process in detail.

Play Hotstar in PC Through ScreenCast

friends follow given below points to watch and download hotstar for pc.

  1. Download Hotstar on your mobile
  2. Now complete the login process
  3. Now Open Default screen caster in android
  4. Now open Screencast receiver on pc/windows "connect"
  5. Now connect your phone & pc with screencasting
  6. Now Play Hotstar in Mobile
  7. Now you can see your Mobile Screen are casting on pc & you can watch hotstar on pc
  8. allis done!

How to Watch Hotstar On PC Free

Friends, as I told you at the beginning of the article is that I will tell you how to watch hotstar on pc free. So, let's see how we can watch free hotstar on pc.

if you are interested to watch hotstar on for free then follow given below guide. this guide helps you to watch hotstar on pc for free. you can access some premium content of hotstar for free by using these given below tricks.

  1. Download Hotstar on your android emulator
  2. Now Download JioTV on android emulator
  3. Now open JioTV & Click on any STAR TV channel
  4. Now you will redirect to hotstar
  5. Now you are able to Watch Hotstar's Some Premium Content. like - Live Cricket, Movie & STAR TV's All Live Channels.

So, guys, this is the best way to watch hotstar premium content for free on pc.

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Now I answer your Some Questions that related to "HotStar for PC"

The FAQ of Download HotStar For PC

Q1. How to Watch Hotstar on PC

Ans:- By following above given 3 methods you can easily watch Hotstar on your PC. this methods, Tricks & guide helps you to watch hotstar on your laptop/pc.

Q2. How to Download Hotstar in laptop/PC

Ans:- Friends you can download Hotstar on your pc/laptop through BlueStacks android Emulator & Nox Android Emulator.

Q3. How to watch Hotstar on PC without BlueStacks

Ans:- Friends you can also watch Hotstar on pc without BlueStacks. for this, you can try alternatives methods to watch hotstar on PC Without BlueStacks. You can Also try - ScreenCast to watch Hotstar on pc, Nox Android Emulator & Hotstar Online Website.

Q4. Hotstar app download for pc windows 7 ultimate/ Windows 10/ Windows 8

Ans:- Friends Hotstar App are not available directly for Windows 7/ window 10 & window 8. But you can Download Hotstar For PC/Windows 10,8,7 ultimate & any windows by following given above tricks & methods.

Q5. How to watch Hotstar on TV/Smart TV

Ans:- Friends you can watch hotstar on Your normal tv by HDMI Cable. You can make an Output from your pc to TV with HDMI Cable. with the help of HDMI Cable, you can watch Hotstar on TV. but you have a SmartTV then Download JioTV & Hotstar App on your SmartTV to watch Hotstar on your Smart TV for Free.

Q6. Download Hotstar on Windows 10

Ans:- Friends you can download Hotstar on Windows 10 by using these 3 ways. even you can download hotstar on windows 7, 8, 10 by these tricks.

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So, friends, these are the 3 best way to Play & Download Hotstar on PC. Hopefully, I answer your all questions that related to "How to Watch Hotstar On PC".

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